Boom in Demand for Protein Supplements

Founder of Boomers Protein, Neil Headford, is flanked by grandson Jack (L) and son Craig (R).

 as family’s health mission goes nationwide

Almost 20 years ago, in Perth, Western Australia, the Headford family launched a nutritional business, Boomers Protein.

It is the longest running Australian protein company, and will celebrate its 20th anniversary in October this year.

Many Australian’s do not have sufficient protein in their diet. The family’s mission was to help people achieve their health and fitness goals by providing the highest quality supplements at affordable prices. Boomers provides a cost effective, simple and convenient way to get more quality protein into everyone’s diet. Although Boomers’ range and clientele have expanded, the Headford family’s mission remains the same.

Some reasons for using Boomers products include: to decrease body fat, gain lean muscle… increase metabolism, alertness and energy’

Various effects

Some of the reasons Boomers products can help those with insufficient protein in their diet include:

  • To decrease body fat
  • Gain lean muscle
  • Gain weight for underweight athletes
  • Increase alertness, energy and more


Boomers products, both whey and vegan are:

  • Gluten free
  • Contain no refined sugar or sweeteners
  • Preservative free
  • Flavourless, and incredibly versatile

Sources of all Boomers products are of the highest available standards. They are 100 per cent natural, there is no ‘aftertaste’ and cause no digestive issues.

A family affair

The Boomers’ team of Julie, Neil, Craig and Jack Headford make the business a truly family affair, with three generations actively involved, and with 100 years’ health experience between them.

  “We started out offering a whey product, which we still source from New Zealand dairy herds grazing on healthy green pastures,” spokesperson for the family, Craig Headford, said.

“All of our products are 100 per cent natural, unflavoured and additive free; have no fillers or bulking agents; are preservative free; and gluten free.”

Boomers now supplies pure protein supplements to many individuals and outlets nationwide, including hospitals, pharmacies, health professionals, health food stores and popular café chains.

Today, the product range covers the needs of vegans and vegetarians.

Vegan range

“When we began receiving enquiries from vegans and vegetarians needing protein supplements, we realised we’d have to expand our range,” Craig said.

“We take pride in sourcing only premium quality supplements that can help people of all ages to improve and maintain their health. For vegans, we strongly believe we supply the best vegan protein supplement available.”

 Amino acid profile

“It’s manufactured with a delicate procedure to 1000 mesh, meaning it’s the finest vegan powder on the market and will mix up to be silky smooth. Its amino acid profile is the best, bar none. As well, this product’s organic certification means it’s great for you and better for the Earth.


The list of what is not in the bag is quite long! You will not find dairy; soy; gluten; nuts; flavours; hexane; GMO; preservatives; sweeteners; or fillers.

You will find 100 per cent organic sprouted brown rice protein; the highest amount of amino acids available from a vegan protein powder; and on the packaging you will see Quality Assurance International (QAI) certification.

For all users of Boomers’ products, great recipes can be found on the Facebook page and website. You can buy Boomers protein at various stockists, or online.

For further information, visit:

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