Blue landscapes III: Frontiers


Inspired by the beauty of the earth and the magic of nature, Blue Landscapes III: Frontiers, a melodious and immensely peaceful body of work from the talented Robert Thies and Damjan Krajacic, is their third album in the Blue landscape series.

 Such is the standard of this work it is hard to believe that the album created completely as an improv collection, is based only the immense talent of the long-time friends and musical collaborators, along with their finely honed talents on piano and flute.

The elegance of the work is astounding considering Thies’ background is that of a classical concert pianist and Krajacic’s is that of predominantly jazz flautist, both keen to explore new dimensions and expressions for their music.  Their synergy has, in the space of week, resulted in some incredibly sensual, peaceful and meditative music captured in the fifteen tracks which make up Frontiers.

But how best to put this particular magic into words is the challenge; as is the case with all music, it is an element of sound, spun by alchemists to offer to the listener whatever needs to be discovered, whether it be peace, joy, happiness, relaxation or meditation.

Drifiting introduces the work in a gentle, sublime and enticing style, which then segues into a variety of pieces with similar themes and tone, although throughout the body of the work, the tempo alters slightly, with piano and flute changing direction according to the effect required.

How truly marvellous though, to be able sit down with a friend and fellow musician to simply focus on creating music; allowing the energy to take the sound to unexpected places, to create tonal vibration full of colour and healing with no specific requirements; to allow the music to drift, to be born into a fresh new element of tranquility. The measured Letting Go, completes the work in a manner that does indeed return the listener back to the very real world of everyday, relaxed and refreshed.

Words simply do not do this work justice as it is the emotion, ambiance and graceful dance of the music as it moves into fresh new areas within the genre of classical new age collaboration, which needs to be experienced to be appreciated and enjoyed. Sublime!

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Title:                     Blue landscapes III: Frontiers
Artist/s:               Robert Thies and Damjan Krajacic

Courtesty Bluewolf Reviews reviewed by Jan Mawdesley


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