Orenda: Breath of Angels


An elegant simplicity of which the Divine One’s are sure to approve, is the hallmark of this latest work from composer and pianist Dyan Garris, Orenda: Breath of Angels, an album that returns to the earlier style of what was then referred to as New Age Music, which in many ways is a breath of fresh air in a world that is seeking peace and tranquillity.

Where Angels are concerned there is a lightness of being, strength of purpose and a definitive spiritually which is often hard to define clearly, but through the mystique of music, the beauty of the angelic realm reaches out to comfort, sooth and reassure which has been captured in this peaceful, calming, collection.

Sherry Finzer on flute adds an ethereal ambiance to several of the tracks, along with delicate vocals from Rebekah Eden and on the first track, Every Time You Breath, Juliet Lyons. Tony Garvis on guitar and Louis Anthony deLise’s intricate sting arrangements complete the stellar line up of musicians who have collaborated to create a magical journey to an angelic realm.

Orenda showcases the talent of Garris in a simple piece with piano and violin that highlights the words from Garris on the inner cover of the liner: ‘Somewhere between your own inhale and exhale is the space where angels breathe.’ Water for the Soul – remix is another such piece with a slightly more up-tempo beat and a fitting piece to use once again on this album.

It has been said on several occasions that Garris, when composing and recording has a direct pathway to the angelic realm:  Orenda: Breath of Angels only underpins that opinion, as each of the songs is as if a door opens into another dimension and within that dimension, is whatever you choose to select: peace, relaxation or meditation, or maybe all three.

Perfect for meditation is the final track 5th Eye Trance with the exquisite vocals of Rebekah Eden taking this piece to another level entirely: the clear, fresh and pure space where the Angels choose dwell.

In a time when music of a ‘new age’ format is becoming incredibly sophisticated and wide ranging in style and emotion, Orenda: Breath of Angels could easily be considered as a stand-alone album that has been heaven sent!

Author                         Dyan Garris.
Website https://www.dyangarrismusic.com/orenda-breath-angels/
Distributor                  Dyan Garris Music
Released                     April 2021
Artists                          Dyan Garris.
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