Tree Sisters, Founder and CEO Clare Dubois, – Buddha at the Gas Pump


Clare Dubois is the founder and CEO of Tree Sisters Org, a global women’s movement spanning over 200 countries, that has collectively funded the planting of nearly 9 million trees. TreeSisters is a social change movement and a tropical reforestation organisation working towards normalising cultural reciprocity with nature. The aim of both Clare and TreeSisters is to make it as normal to give back to nature as it currently is to take nature for granted while supporting humanity in its transition from a consumer species to a restorer species.

Before founding TreeSisters, Clare worked internationally for over two decades, coaching business leaders and facilitating group behaviour change processes in multiple sectors. Known for her direct, catalytic energy, her inspirational speaking and her holistic approach to collective transformation, Clare is a walking invitation to anyone ready to step up and step in on behalf of the planet. Read more

Interviewed March 7; Posted 9th March 2019 by Rick Archer

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