Special Kid to Super Kid


Unleash Your Hidden Superhero Powers and Help Your Child

The Paediatrician who diagnosed Ruthangela Bernadette’s daughter, Rosemary, with autism, language delay and learning disability, all but wrote her off. So did experts in the special school she attended, and a speech and language therapist.

According to the professionals, Rosemary should have been institutionalised or, at best, sent to a specialised group home. Just five years later, Rosemary thrives in a mainstream school, doing all of the things (and getting into all of the innocent trouble) girls of her age should. In her new book, ‘Special Kid to Super Kid: Overcoming Learning Disability, Language Delay, and Autism’, Ruthangela takes readers on a journey that not only proves how the right balance of therapies can help any child overcome similar diagnoses, but shows them exactly how to replicate Rosemary’s radical transformation.

Synopsis: Unleash Your Hidden Superhero Powers and Help Your Child

When a child is diagnosed with learning disability, language delay, and autism, your world crumbles and panic takes over. Why me? Who will look after my kid when I’m gone? Disabilities like these can rob your child of self-esteem and dash your hopes and dreams for their future.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Author Ruthangela Bernadette knows this first-hand.
Sometimes harrowing, sometimes laugh out loud funny, this book tells the story of how Ruthangela’s daughter, Rosemary, defied the doctors’ gloomy predictions and overcame all three disabilities.

Discover the 10 Secrets of how Rosemary triumphed over autism, learning disability, and language delay, without breaking the bank. Your child will

-Improve social interaction, while reducing stims.

-Make friends and gain confidence.

-Transform school from being a battleground of obstacles into a playground of opportunities.

Not all superheroes wear capes–some wear aprons in the kitchen instead. Parents like you are superheroes! You can help your child go from super-stuck to super kid–starting today!

“To anyone meeting Rosemary, she’s just a regular kid,” explains the author. “We don’t need to write children with a learning disability off; with the right blend of attention, effort and support – which includes helping them embrace opportunities many “professionals” say they’re not capable of – any child can overcome their diagnosis and achieve far and beyond what anyone would expect.”

Continuing, “The book takes readers into the Son-Rise programme, which we saw excellent results with. It’s a play-based therapy and an alternative to the standard ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) Therapy. Parents lead this, so need to be very involved and invested in their child’s success. If you’re curious, I go into a lot more detail in the book. Safe to say the capes for you and your child are hanging up, and ready to be worn with pride.”

Feedback for the book has been extremely positive. Autism Specialist, Tali F. Berman, comments, “It is so inspiring to hear how far this young lady has come. I am very honoured that I was part of this incredible journey. I support all the super kids and super parents out there, both in heart and spirit, and pray that you all achieve your dreams!”.

Growing Minds Autism Program Director, Steven R. Wertz, M.Div., BCBA, adds, “You will get swept along on this darkly humorous journey from the depths of super-stuck to the dizzying heights of superhero. A must read for any parent of a special kid who knows deep down they are capable of much more than their dim prognosis. I have had the pleasure of guiding Rosemary and her mother to success and I am so proud of them both! Go Team Rosemary!”.


About the Author:  Ruthangela Bernadette is an author, speaker, coach, and supermum who launched her daughter from Special Kid to Super Kid. Her passion is to inspire and empower parents to do likewise, but that’s only her day job.

Her real job is raising her eye-rolling, door slamming, make-up wearing super daughter, and of course saving the universe before dinner time.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: https://ruthangelabernadette.com/.

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