Revolutionary 360 Diffuser


Combining State Of The Art Diffusion Technology With Contemporary Design

Unlike the more traditional diffusers that have a single direction mist function the 360 Degree diffuser disperses in an even and accurate circular radius. The 360 Diffuser features a soft touch matte finish with touch button controls, making it easy to use, durable and stylish.

In Essence is announcing the launch of their most revolutionary product release to date, the In Essence 360 Diffuser – a diffuser as technologically innovative as it is beautiful. The 360 Diffuser revolutionises the way a diffuser disperses aromas into the air with a 360 degree circular spout for optimal diffusion, increasing the reach and strength of essential oils in any space. Combining a sleek, minimalist design with innovative aromatherapy technology, the 360 Diffuser is changing the aromatherapy game.

Diffusers have become a home décor essential; they bring a gorgeous sculptural element to the room while simultaneously affecting the ambiance and energy of the space. The 360 Diffuser was created with interiors in mind, combining a beautifully understated décor piece and an aromatherapy diffuser, with a minimalist, monochrome touch. Combining modern design with ultrasonic technology, the 360 Diffuser optimises the aromatherapy experience, all while being portable to bring its many benefits to any contemporary space.

“The 360 diffuser was inspired by our belief that wellness should have the ability to integrate into our evolving lifestyles.” Says Jon Liow from One Design Office, designer of the 360 Diffuser. “We approached the design process with the desire to enable this diffuser to engage with the places, spaces, and people that use it, rather than being seen as a stationary object that is placed in the corner and left to run.”

Diffusion like you’ve never known it.

The 360 Degree Diffuser is proudly owned and designed by the award winning Australian Design In Essence®. For over 30 years they have been sourcing and blending the purest and most powerful essential oils and finding ways to share them with you creating brings this expertise to all their blends. 

​Impress and spoil someone special this Christmas with the latest innovative aromatherapy technology paired with any of our Finest Harvest pure essential oils. 

” The 360 diffuser that we have helps to create a beautiful ambience in our home. My favourite oil to use is Orange. It is very invigorating.” 

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