Interview with Sufi, mystic and visionary Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri


Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri Sufi, mystic and visionary, is an enlightened spiritual master. His life and works serve as a reminder that spirituality is a science and an art vitally relevant to our times.

Shaykh Fadhlalla grew up in an environment where religious scholars, as well as Sufi and mystics, were part of his formative experience. His love and understanding of the universality of the Qur’anic message have imbued him with respect for other religions and spiritual paths.

Some points discussed in this interview:

  •  Shaykh Fadhlalla’s childhood:
  •  His curiosity and interest in science.
  •  Seeing the underlying sameness in different cultures and religions. o Not being satisfied with earthly comforts.
  •  Integrating individuality with universality, inner with outer, physicality with spirituality.
  •  Luck and good fortune vs. divine orchestration.
  •  Life as preparation for infinite life.
• Some quotes:
o “The ultimate treasure, without measure, is your own soul” o “Every home needs its own inner ashram.”
o “Within every human being, there is sacred light. If I don’t interfere too much, if I put my shadow away then the light will lead me.”
o “The master within, my own soul, the divine presence.”
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