Your Journey of Awakening


A direct channelled message from Source

Awakening, a word used by so many to describe something that seems impossible to obtain. An elusive concept, that perhaps has been lost in translation and the desire for understanding rather than a position of acceptance.

We have been given that Life is the flow of Source through all that you are and the awakening of all that is held within self. It is in this awakening that life begins.

The awakening is a moment of recognition of self in the moment that you are in, and a yearning to become more than you are in that moment. It is a reaching within self and then an opening of your hand to all that has been, receiving in that open hand all that is being held for you.

Life is living, living is Source flowing through all that is and all that will be and all that awakens in the becoming of all of self.

Many speak of the awaking, of the rise of the higher self, the connection to the unknown. There is no unknown, all is known and held within all. It is the blinding of the truth of self that holds the belief of the unknown. Awakening to self is living in the pure flow of all that is, all that flows, all that creates and recreates, it is the living in the flow of Source.

It is in the holding of the identity of Source, of the naming of the energy that flows, of the restriction by words or modality, by actions and rituals that withholds the fullness that one seeks. The rituals, the modality, the words and the mantras become what is seen, it is in seeing beyond those things that one sees the pure essence of life.

When what is known and learnt becomes all that is seen and understood, the connection to Source, The Universe, God (whatever the name you use ), is at times overlooked or lost in knowledge beliefs and rituals of learning and doing.

It is in stillness, in a willingness to be, and an acceptance of what is, that the purity of life is seen.

The gathering of knowledge is not life.

The expression of emotions is not life.

The pleasure of the physical is not life.

Life begins in Core and flows from Core.

Life is Source and Source is life.

The gathering of knowledge which leads us to Source is the beginning of the awakening.

The expression of emotions in the pure release of the connection to Source is the beginning of the awakening.

The pleasure of the physical in living in the fullness of life is the beginning of the awakening.

Embracing the pure essence that is all of you, untainted by what has been, is the beginning of the awakening.

Receiving all that is being held for you and giving that to self, is the beginning of the awakening.

It is in the expression of life in the gathering of knowledge, the pure release of emotions and the pleasure of the physical that the one seeking lives the fullness of that flow.

It is in the full expression of all of self that life is seen, experienced, known and understood.

First one must connect to the purity of self, and from this place begin to live. All else is an expression, a mirroring of what is truth. When there is no connection to Core, there is no living, no life. It is an emptiness which has the appearance of fullness, yet it is without substance, there is a barrenness where nothing grows, and what begins to grow ceases to be.

The connection to Source, the Life Energy of All that is, that is the awakening. It is the beginning of living in the flow of life, expressing all that you are, and becoming all that you will become in the fullness of All that is.

Awakening is to freely live, freely be all that is to be.

Awakening is allowing All that is, Source; to flow through the physical in your touch, your words, and the actions that carry all that is given.

The fullness of Source is All. It is without measure, it has no beginning and no end, it is not contained or controlled by thought or action, it is only restricted in its flow by thought and action.

When one seeks the breath of All that is, there is no compromise, there is no tainting of what is, it is the pure flow of All that is in the vessel willing to be.

This article was a direct channelled message from Source. ©Rochelle & SandraJ 2017 ©Messages From Source

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