To Dance with You: Music for Flute and Harp


There is at the rear of Louis Anthony deLise’s property a magic place called the ‘Bocage’: I am sure he, along with John McMurtery and Anne Sullivan retired to this enchanted corner of the universe and allowed the fairies, pixies and otherworldly folk to be found there, to create an album of short but enchanting pieces full of whimsy and charm, using of course very earthly talents.

To Dance With You is from the first track, nothing short of perfectly beautiful; full of delicate notes from the flute and harp, two instruments working in perfect harmony to weave their evocative spell of seduction to bewitch and beguile.

The ethereal A Time for Peace is a composition full of love, warmth and welcome, enticing the weary soul to settle gently into the moment allowing love to soothe, comfort and refresh. No pixies or fairies in this one at all, but maybe there is one there somewhere.

Cheeky and full of interesting concepts is A Trot Through The Snow (On Mr Brubeck’s Horse) which brings with it an element of fun, of children enjoying a moment in time as they journey across the snow-covered landscape; of dainty Sprites dancing on the back of the horse, simply enjoying the freedom of the moment.

Little Lydian has an almost ‘olde worlde’ feel to the flow of the music, reminding one of cobbled streets, musicians entertaining the passers bye; charming and interesting. Whereas, Three Little Dancers charms as it allows a story to unfold of three little children, deeply concentrating on their moment in time where they can show all who choose to see, the rare beauty of the moment when music and dance come together seamlessly.

Reminiscent of times long ago, when the magic of the music box was a thing of great wonder to small children, The Music Box captures that wonderment felt when the lid was opened, the little dancer spinning slowly around, the music twinkling, seemingly without assistance.

As with all magical things an end must arrive and it does with Petit Fall Fanfare, a more formal piece that balances the ethereal nature of the previous tracks and is wonderful as a grounding to return once again from a magical place to the world of every day, enchanted and bewitched. A perfect conclusion.

Louis Anthony deLise is a musician of note, particularly for his many and varied compositions. With To Dance With You he has created a romantic, captivating, and engaging interlude in time, which has been bought to life and enchantment by the talent of John McMurtery on Flute and Anne Sullivan on Harp.

Allow your mind to simply drift with the music and perhaps you too will be fortunate enough to discover the fairies, pixies and sprites dancing and enjoying their special moment in time as they request also To Dance With You.

Artists                                    Louis Anthony deLise. John McMurtery. Anne Sullivan Distributor                    


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