The Witch’s Herbal Apothecary


From the beginning of this beautifully presented subject of Herbal Apothecary it is clearly explained that we are more than just our human form, that “We are not a part of nature. We are nature.” This, while it appears to be simplistic is far from that, as it is the basis of understanding the connection between the sacred Earth and ‘self’.

As The Witch’s Herbal Apothecary unfolds, each of the chapters carefully sets out and explains the many facets of what it is to be ‘working witch’, dealing in the mystical elements of healing, with the offerings from Mother Earth as she and the plants are ready to offer their wisdom and healing to all who would chance to listen and understand.

But do you have to be a witch to do this, you may well ask and the answer is no, as all you do need is a true heart, a desire to heal and understand the ‘magik’ all around. Understanding the wicca arts is most helpful though, as it definitely adds a further dimension of understanding and healing.

If you enjoy rituals, remedies, recipes, and potions, with a delightful smattering of seasonal content The Witches Herbal Apothecary is ideal, especially should you be a beginner in the arcane arts.

Divided into three sections, which are then subdivided into specifics, is excellent as this allows a very large amount of information be easily read, understood and enjoyed, as there is nothing simple about understanding many of aspects of heavenly and earth energies, which without a doubt, are powerful.

Pleasingly set out, the illustrations throughout help break down the text, creating a lovely, almost whimsical, aspect to what is serious subject matter. As with all books written on a spiritual plane, those who are seeking will find information to be treasured, while others will enjoy the work as informative and structural.

Author                                          Marysia Miernowska
Publisher                                       Quarto US/Fair Winds Press
ISBN                                             9781592339099


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