The Scribe Chronicles Trilogy – Author Kez Wickham St George


Reviewed by Jacquie Walker, Editor Conscious Living Magazine

Kez takes us on a journey where the past mingles with the present and opens up an adventurous journey. It is refreshing to read about your own place and for those of you from Perth Rockingham and Pinjarra will have that extra sense of connection to this journey with Tara and Tanby .

In the first book, Sorcha,  we met Tara who had agreed to be scribe for those spirits who had lost their voice and had a story to tell. Her friend Tanby had died but remained in contact with Tara and became her spirit guide and protector. In this book we met Sorcha – a disfigured and tortured soul who suffered terrible abuse. Tara tells her story that ends with her death due to a severe torturous beating. Then we follow Tara on a journey that takes her on a cruise to Singapore, where she stumbles upon the Indigos who feed on human souls luring victims to join them in their time warp.

Book two in the trilogy, Indigo Child, Tanby has told Tara she is to scribe the story of a young boy Keoloni, who will shed light on the story of the Indigos. The spirit boy will only talk to Tara on the island in a location of his choosing.

The third book in this trilogy is Tanby, which takes us 20 years on into the future. We know now that Tara had died under a cloud of mystery and her daughter is being led to find out what really happened though the light of Tanby’s own story. Her daughter travels back to Pinjarra where Tara had found happiness and married a gentle man whom shared a passion for Big Red and gardening, living a simple life on the land.  So now as her daughter follows the paper clues left in a parcel of papers and a note book, we look to solve the mystery of her disappearance and death to honour a request made years ago by her mother.

Jacquie recommends this trilogy for readers who are looking for a good read, a ripper yarn and love a thriller.

Kez Wickham St George

Kez has been published internationally with six full novels, plus a contribution to a poetry novelette, called Tall & Short Stories which is on Amazon, proceeds help raise funds for the Heart Cancer Soc in the United Kingdom. One of Kez’s passions is providing Mentorship for all writers, playwrights and artists. She has a passion for creative art.

“It’s a busy life but I love it, if one of my art pieces, books or a little advice can help or take you back to the mystery and magic of childhood, or can twitch a smile into place, then my job is done”.

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