The ROOT CAUSE Of Disease


And How To Boost Your IMMUNE SYSTEM! | Dr. Zach Bush

Dr Zach Bush in this episode talks about 

* How much money is spent each year in the US healthcare system.

* Why the human body is an ecosystem.

* The role that microbes play in distinguishing humans from other species.

* How our understanding of the immune system has evolved over time.

* The purpose of the body’s inflammatory responses.

* What the role of mitochondria is.

* Challenges of germ theory.

* The relationship between scientific studies and reductionism.

* Why curiosity is an important piece of science.

* How urine can be used in regenerative agriculture.

* Why having your first child changes you so much.

* How Dr. Zack Bush’s career evolved over time.

* What spontaneous remission means.

* The number one piece of advice from patients on hospice.

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