The Moon Fix


Just reading the chapters in The Moon Fix seems to have a calming sensation on the reader. Perhaps we all have a sense of the influence of the moon, and a curiosity which is certainly addressed here. The opening chapters deal with the healing powers of the moon and the Divine Principle. The phases of the moon are explained, and the reader informed on what to look for and how to use that particular phase.

Theresa Cheung states that this is a “Modern Guide to working with the moon” and incorporating its energy into your daily life. There are forty-eight exercises and rituals under headings such as “Love, Relationships, Health, and Wellbeing.” Which can be used to perform a Moon fix when it is passing through a certain zodiac sign, or at the appropriate phase. Websites are given to help the reader expand on the concept they wish to explore.

Some of the rituals which are explained in the text are: Bathing in Moonlight, in which seven steps are set out to follow. Attracting Abundance, is another which needs a pencil and paper to complete. One can also invite Good Luck, and Motivation. There are Mantras for Optimism, a Planting Guide, and Recipes for Success.

Cheung says that moon watching is a “Truly fulfilling and beautiful way to live.” And after reading this book and enjoying the delightful illustrations, one can appreciate her point. After all, why not try making your own energy drink. Place a glass of clean water on a shelf where it will catch the moonlight all night. Then slowly drink this during the day. Lovely! A delightful book to browse and read.


Title:          The Moon Fix    Harness Lunar Power for Healing and Happiness
Author:         Theresa Cheung. Illustrations: Indigo.
ISBN:            9781781319482
Publisher:      White Lion Publishing

Reviewer: Trish Palmer. Bluewolf Reviews


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