The Carbon-Neutral Adventures of the Indefatigable EnviroTeens


The Carbon Neutral Adventures of the Indefatigable EnviroTeens by First Dog on the Moon is a Very Important Book (VIB) and one YOU should go out and buy immediately, especially if you are a teen or tween as the contents are more than super important for you to read and understand.

Why? Because it is all about Climate Change, environmental abuse and how the world is in such an environmental mess something needs to be done and it seems grown-ups don’t seem to be able to do anything about this terrible situation.

Therefore, a group of friends Binky aka the Monotreme, Worried Norman, once bitten by a radioactive croissant and now Pastry Person and Letitia, an occasionally bossy science wombat and genius inventor, are about to get pretty angry and take on the Single-use Plastic Brendan, who it seems had formed a dastardly plan to destroy all the worlds turtles, by luring them to the plastic island made out of plastic garbage and then turn them into bling and things.

Oh yes, there is also a chicken , Nurse Barnevelder – chicken of all trades who uses her specialities to help the EnviroTeens  as they battle climate change and single use plastics.

Now seriously, this is indeed a VIB as it focuses on two very real issues that of Climate Change and the devastation caused to sea creatures in the oceans of the world, as well as to the human population, by single use plastics of any sort. Young people world-wide are taking up the challenge to address this issue of Global Warming, seriously concerned for their future and that of the Planet.

You, unlike your forebears, are aware of what the Climate Scientists are saying and have been saying for almost more than fifty years, staging protests, talking about the reality of the world in which you live and will inherit and demanding that the governments of the world take notice and begin to address Climate Change now!

First Dog on the Moon, the first, and only, and immensely popular, one and only marsupial Walkley award winning cartoonist, which is a pretty big deal, had become so overwhelmed with the fight against environmental destruction, and the apparent lack of support from the politicians, has created a graphic novel to help spread the word with a portion of the publishers’ profits donated to School Strike 4 Climate Australia.

So, move over Craig Reucassel, because the EnviroTeens are here to help you spread the word about plastic, the environment and how to help “Save the world”.

What can you do? Go out. Buy the book. It’s a graphic novel so it great for everyone. Actually, give one to all of your friends for Christmas as well. Talk to your parents, become active in your school.  And as the EnviroTeens, three teenagers and one chicken, set out to save the whole world, find out how you can help in your home and at your school.

Fun, funky, hilarious and some seriously good cartoon work combine to help start or increase the word about the world in which we all live now and what the future holds, should the issue of Climate Change not be addressed in the very near future.

Author                                               First Dog on the Moon
Publisher                                           A&U Children’s
ISBN                                                 9781760526122



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