The Art Between the Words

Author Kez Wickham-St George writes about Art as a healing form of communicating that goes beyond words and dissolves cultural differences.


It has often been a conundrum to me why some writers cannot feel the pulse of a poem or feel the passion when they read a book.

It has puzzled me for many years, why folks just do not get that we began a sort of communication with cuneiform hundreds of years ago and look at us now.

Of course there are many debates and opinions about the beginnings of humankind and  communication.  So when I began to read then write as a child, I found myself dedicated to finding out the ways humans have communicated over the years.

I am an Author of many novels and a creative artist in different genres and have studied many modalities in these two skills. The English language, for an example, with so many meanings by using just one word, or why we have silent letters in the English language, totally fascinates me.

As a tutor in ESOL (English as a second language) to many young impressionable Asian teenagers who also found it difficult to wrap their minds let alone tongues around the English language, to assist their understanding I brought art into the class. There was an immediate breakthrough in our communication. I then introduced mosaics which they enjoyed.

Yet the lesson was to be mine, as these young ones taught me origami and paper cutting. We became united in teaching each other our countries different crafts, including cooking.

From young faces that once expressed boredom we now had thirty or more students all willing to add their village’s specialty or craft. The difficult part for me was the word Artisan or Artist?  These young people certainly showed us many skills.

In later years I began tutoring the art of tourism to my clients, all artists in one way or another. The curriculum called for entrepreneurship. We reversed the learning, now the art or subject of art was written about to express and advertise what they were offering to the public and how to reach them or visit a studio to make sales.  As I go deeper into Art therapy and Creative arts, I find myself agreeing with the professionals that Art can heal, there is an Art between our Words.

Kez Wickham St George




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