Sound Medicine Has Arrived


By Steven North, composer of Heart Activation Music

Around the world, there is an increasing acceptance of sound therapy for healing and expanding the consciousness.

An extraordinary human being, Edgar Cayce once said: “Sound is the medicine of the future.” His words are now a reality. Sound Medicine has arrived.

He would not be surprised to see that a growing number of health professionals are using sound therapy as medicine, for ailments that include post-operative healing.

Utilised since the beginning of recorded history in many cultures, in today’s world these ancient sound traditions are being used for group sessions. And for individuals, sound therapy is gaining new ground as an added tool for the restoration of wellbeing.

The sound used may be shamanistic drumming from Mongolia and Native America, singing bowls from Tibet and the Didgeridoo of the Indigenous Australian. Interestingly, Indigenous Australians are the first known culture to heal with sound.

A state of vibration

The fundamental principle of sound healing is Resonance, a word used when describing the frequencies of vibration. These frequencies are used as a transformative and healing modality. In every organ, bone, tissue, and so on, we are in a state of vibration.

With research into binaural frequencies, since their discovery in 1839 by German experimenter, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, the application for sound therapy has exploded. Specialists are using it to treat ailments while students are using it to help with focus and study.

Today’s healing music modalities use various frequencies such as Solfeggio-Binaural Frequencies, and these are included in Heart Activation Music. There are also ‘brain wave entrainment’ frequencies, which assist with sleep and healing DNA: the list grows, as there is a wide range of these healing frequencies available today.

Binary sound frequencies are important within the Heart Activation Music because they help unlock something energetically, and this ‘something’ will be different for each person.

Profound results

It is widely known that sound therapy can be used for stress reduction or to facilitate meditation. But for some people, the effects may include unlocking deeply entrenched issues, memories or patterns, and may help them work through blocks that were previously unknown. Results can be profound.

The latest quantum physics theory, known as String Theory, suggests that absolutely everything in the Universe, all the particles that make up matter and forces is comprised of minute vibrating fundamental strings. All these objects have a Resonant pattern associated to them. In simple terms, the physical Universe is built of sound vibrations.

More than 100 years ago, Nikola Tesla referred to a non-Hertzian energy (without frequencies), Scalar, and in the 1920s, Albert Einstein referenced Scalar energy. This energy is not electromagnetic and is comprised of pure zero-point energy. The Scalar energy form has the ability to carry information and is a field of energy systems that is alive. Scalar energy is vibrant and dynamic and has always been in existence within the Universe.

According to world renowned crystal expert, workshop leader, and author, Judy Hall: “Scalar waves activate the meridians and facilitate healing at the energetic interface between spirit and matter.”

In addition to sound therapy, crystals have been used in healing therapies throughout known history. The energetic properties of crystals are harnessed to influence the energy field to return to a specific vibrational healthy frequency. Different crystals are used in these therapies because they each have a distinct unique consciousness as well as resonant frequencies. Sound therapy with crystals offers two layers of healing energy.

There are various sounds within sound therapy that can be utilised with other healing modalities.

Call in higher powers

“Some will clear energy, some will assist with healing, and there are some that help open the mind. Additionally, there are sounds that help call in higher powers, such as the Ascended Masters. These sounds will help with everything: healing, twin flame union, past life recognition, accessing higher consciousness: there is no end to what may be achieved with sound therapy.

In Heart Activation Music Therapy, there is an integration of many aspects of current sound therapy modalities, as well as the integration of natural Scalar energies. These energies are coded vibrations consisting of many messages that can help a listener transform his or her own life.

Through the facilitation of crystal energies, binaural frequencies, Scalar energies, coded vibrations and music sounds a person can experience a quantum and multi-dimensional healing.

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