Skipping Stones to Zero Waste


Perth based Mobile Service – Skipping Stones Refillery aims to achieve a colossal cultural shift away from our disposable consumer habits by educating about the effect of waste and inspiring people to break away from ‘the way we’ve always done it’ to instead embrace choices that are sustainable for our health, our economy, and our environment.

Skipping Stones is about making choices that send positive ripples to achieve a cultural shift. 


Skipping Stones Refillery offers 30+ household liquid consumables that are made in WA, by local businesses with eco-conscious brands, and refillable to your own reusable containers, so that you can reduce your waste impact by eliminating disposable and single-use plastics and packaging.

You’ll find quality reusable containers for sale (jars, bottles, pumps, sprays and food canisters), and free offerings of re-used containers in the #BuyNothing box.

But to really get onboard, BYO your own containers – clean, dry and ready for refill!

If you like, drop them off empty, and pick them up full before you leave.  Or, if you’ve been eco-hoarding, bring your empties for someone else to save from the trash.

Refillery vouchers are also available for that perfect zero-waste gift inspiration.

Bring your containers to Booth E1 at the Conscious Living Festival November 20-21 at the University of WA 

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