Relationships Unmasked


by Maria de Cinque

Stand up speak up own it and take care of you

Are your expectations destroying your relationships? Then your fear of the unknown is playing a game with you. You see, mirrors are shining both ways, the other is triggering your broken glass, which cuts and makes you bleed.

It sounds pretty hard, it’s not about sugar coating everything, and it’s about facing your real truth being honest with yourself. If you’re not living in your right judgement, then you’re living on high expectations, projecting some unreal story of what you created in your mind.

Metaphorically speaking you have a picture on the wall with a frame holding it together, imagine you’re in that frame within the prison wall, what if that wall was a protective mechanism holding you back and keeping you safe?  This makes you invisible to others to see the real you. Understand that closing your heart off is not going to make you any happier.

The fear of being exposed to others, of what you may experience yourself, is why you’re walking on broken glass today. You’re only hurting yourself.

Here is a question for you! What are you hiding from yourself?

Through my experience the biggest concern people have is ‘The fear of the unknown future.’ You’re not really living here, you have uncertainty where you hesitate or doubt.

What are the stresses that you are creating and what are you feeling right now?

How well do you manage conflict with others or do you run away, because it’s all too hard, do you pile it under some carpet, thinking you can vacuum it away, or suppress it into your system, which part of your body did you store it in? Where do you feel the pain?

Are you seeking outside approval? Because you’re not good enough.

All this is aging the relationship.

In order to have a flourishing relationship with your significant other, you have to do the work. You both double your results when you learn how to:

  1. Own your sensuality
  2. Keep the flame alive
  3. Rediscover emotional intimacy

Understand there is a close relationship between spiritually and sexuality and how healthy this connection can be.

Dealing with change-Does it mean ‘I am losing control?’

Meeting the greatest challenge in your life is knowing and understanding your strengths and weakness your passion and fears, your desires and dreams, your tolerance and limitations. Knowing yourself means knowing your purpose in life.

You’re not alone here. To be fearless and confident while having a conversation takes experience and it takes practice to invest energy. We are forever pruning our inner self. This is your internal soul.

Ask yourself these two questions: Who are you really? Why are you here?

Allow me to tell you my story

In 1983 I had my first past life experience, and learning this technique, where I had to let go and break the chains of unknown pain within me. This tiny fetus changed me, her little heart was beating so hard to stay alive, because she freed my soul, for me to remember a forgotten part of myself and overcame the traumatic imprints.

These were, abuse and abandonment genetic and ancestral traits, this was playing up in my two marriages, mistrust, not feeling safe where I had change, to set myself and others free, and sculpture who I am today.

Remembering the regression and putting the two together was a miracle. The missing pieces were found for me to have the realization and confirmation of my truth. I thank my Father for sharing this with me, as this has healed us both. My father passed away at the age of 72 in March 1985.

Our history began before we were born. The history of the world and the planet, and all these DNA codes that are in our body, all of our ancestors carry beliefs that have helped them for years and centuries, that may be affecting you to, because the past is not just our past and the present is not just the present we are all living this simultaneously creating our future.

Energy Healing is like a Keyhole through which to peep at the potential of progressive change and movement like water flowing. Your journey to be born on earth, is a day school where souls graduate releasing traumas big or small that you can turn them into new tools to help others heal and create a community of a whole-hearted tribe.


For more information you can contact Maria de Cinque, Soul Graduate Academy Perth W.A Training Organisation,  by email : [email protected]



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