Pythagorian Wilderness


Pythagorian Wilderness is once again a non-formative element of returning to the womb of life, which has been captured beautifully in the tenth lullaby in the series, The Lullabies, from Niclas Tamas, which drifts, encompassing moments of soundless timelessness.

The sounds of space are like none other; softly captured to resonate deep within the psyche, the auditory spectrums of the mind, to gently soothe and encourage release from stress and disharmony within the body.

Tamas music is heavily influenced by Hungarian/Carpathian folk music based on tonal sounds. He uses many of the tonal sounds within the electronic spectrum to create his journey of relaxation, thereby formulating a short moment of time when nothing is asked of the listener other than to relax into the moment, to travel in peace and harmony, to return refreshed.

Pythagorian Wilderness is perfect for a brief moment of Mindful meditation in a hectic day.
Distributor                          Apple Music
Released                            February 2023
Running Time                      5mins
Artists                                Niclas Tamar
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Review By Janet Mawdesley 

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