Optimizing Nutrient Absorption


Optimizing Nutrient Absorption Antonia ruhlSince I was a little girl, I have been passionate about learning how our body works. What drives human beings? What creates our emotions? I have always been curious.

We often forget that God wants us to be healthy and happy. Gratitude is very important to me, and I believe it is important for everyone if they want to be happy. We should appreciate this amazing body that we were given at birth. When you are grateful for your body you will treat your body well. You will want to look after it and help it to function well. In return, you will end up with a healthy body full of vitality.

Health and Vitality

We have been culturally conditioned to believe that our body will start to decay as we get older. That it will not function properly anymore. However, if you actually do some unbiased, open-minded research you will soon discover that much of the decline in health that we attribute to getting older is a result of poor lifestyle choices and lack of maintenance on our part.

Once you understand this, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Yes, it is possible to have a healthy body full of vitality in old age and some people are doing it. Rather than dismissing these exemplary role models as freaks of nature or thinking they must have been born with extraordinary genes, we should try to learn from them.

This is what I have done all my life. If somebody is good at something I always want to know how they are able to get the outcomes that they are getting. Especially when it comes to good health.

Many things contribute to good health or lack thereof. It is not one single factor or what you eat occasionally but rather what you eat and do, or do not do, over long periods of time that has the greatest impact on your health.

Our bodies are amazing. They are extremely resilient and will compensate for a lot of poor choices on our part, but that can only go on for so long before we start to notice the effects on our health.

In some ways, it is the resilience and intelligence of our body that covers up the effects of our choices (good or bad) and makes it harder for us to realize the connection between our lifestyle choices and our state of health. Often, we do not observe the effects of poor health choices until months, years or even decades later.

Many people abuse their bodies in their youth because their body’s resilience leads them to believe that they are invincible, almost immortal. This often leads to years of neglecting their physical health. Often the real consequences are only discovered decades later. That is when people often experience guilt and regret about their poor choices in their early years.

If only we had the wisdom in childhood and early adulthood to learn from the mistakes of our older relatives and acquaintances.

Today I want to share with you an important physical maintenance routine that I have followed for years. This routine can give your health a real boost. It is easy to do and requires only a very small investment of time and money.

Before we go into the detail of the routine let us quickly revisit the importance of our digestive system. The digestive system is responsible for breaking down the food we eat and drink and absorbing the nutrients contained in these foods.

These days there are so many fad diets around and a number of them have gone mainstream. Yes, good food choices are important, but most people forget to properly maintain their digestive system so that their body can absorb as much of the nutrients as possible.

Nutrient absorption can vary. The amount of nutrients that your body absorbs from food can range from 10% to 90%. The clinical term for poor nutrient absorption is malabsorption. By the term you are diagnosed with malabsorption, you are most likely already in rather poor health.

One of the things I became very famous for is the Amazon Fertility Program, which has helped thousands of couples conceive healthy babies naturally when all other interventions had failed. One of the cornerstones of the Amazon Fertility Program as well as my work at Natural Stress Therapy is a healthy digestive system.

Prevention is the highest form of healing.

Cleansing our colon regularly is not only important for good colon health but is also beneficial in maintaining high levels of nutrient absorption from our food intake, especially in our older years.

I have at least three colonics a year. Please note that they can become addictive and can be overdone. Too much of a good thing is not always beneficial. So, I would recommend between three and six colonics a year for most people.

If you have been diagnosed with a serious digestive disorder, I recommend you check with your healthcare practitioner on the benefits of colonics for your particular circumstances.

If you are uncomfortable doing a colonic yourself at home, you can visit a colonic clinic in your neighbourhood.

Here are the steps to my colon cleansing routine.

  1. Purchase a colon cleansing kit (sometimes called a douche and enema kit) from your pharmacy or online (around $30-$40).
  2. Sterilise your kit with hot water and vinegar.
  3. Ensure you are well hydrated both before and after the colon cleanse.
  4. Prepare your enema solution by adding one tablespoon of coffee to two litres of lukewarm water.
  5. Follow the instructions that come with your colon cleansing kit.
    1. Carefully insert the tube into your rectum using coconut oil as a lubricant
    2. Lie down comfortably during the process and allow the enema solution to flush your colon.
    3. Try to hold the solution in your body for at least three minutes, if comfortable, before using the toilet to empty your bowels.
  6. Take a probiotic.
  7. Ensure you rehydrate.

Wishing you the best of health

With love and gratitude

Antonia Ruhl

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