Using Essential Oils: 3 Blends for Your Personal Wellbeing

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We usually think of sight and hearing as our main senses. But what we smell has the strongest impact on our minds. The olfactory receptors in your brain connect directly to your limbic system, where feelings and emotions begin.

That may be why essential oils — the distilled essence of various plants and flowers — are so potent.

In my house, we diffuse essential oils every day for a variety of purposes (my wife Michelle converted me into a big believer a while back!).

You can release the fragrance of essential oils into the air around you using a simple diffuser OR by combining the oils with water inside of a spray bottle. Both work great and are very affordable.

The crazy part is that once you begin experimenting, your body begins to intuitively know what it likes and needs in particular circumstances.

After I began working with these pure plant essences, it became clear that they could awaken parts of my mind that might be stagnant or out of balance. Our sense of smell is a powerful thing!

Below I’ve shared 3 of our favourite essential oil combinations and what we use them for (with a diffuser):

#1 For Meditation

– 3 drops bergamot
– 3 drops rosemary
– 3 drops rose absolute

#2 For Focus (Getting stuff done!)

– 5 drops grapefruit
– 3 drops basil
– 3 drops lemon

#3 Clearing the Air (Of both energetic stagnation and germs)

– 5 drops cedarwood
– 5 drops spruce
– 3 drops piñon pine

Note: We recommend using bergaptene-free or furocoumarin-free bergamot that is not phototoxic, meaning it does not irritate the skin when exposed to the sun.

When you start experimenting with essential oils, remember to pay close attention to how they make you feel in your body and mind. Scents are subtle and complex. Your experience of an essential oil will be personal and unique to you.

If you use them correctly, essential oils shouldn’t give you any side effects. They are natural and safe, strong but gentle.

I hope you receive as much benefit from the 3 simple formulas above as we have!

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
Host of Healing Kitchen: Let Food Be Thy Medicine & Founder, The Sacred Science


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