Neutralize Electro Magnetic Radiation


Radiation from EMF and RF in houses and offices is known to adversely affect people’s health.  However, there are other forms of earth radiation which may persist in our homes which actually pose a greater danger to our health. These fields, known as imprinting radiation fields surround death imprints, at the place of a human death. These fields can extend out to 50 metres around a death imprint and they can hold the emotion of the deceased person which can negatively affect people who are sensitive to these energies.

Orgone Effects Australia manufactures and develops radiation balancing tools and the developer, Gerard Bini is a skilled medical and earth energy intuitive. Another harmful energy field which has been detected arises from indigenous land curses. In Australia, the treatment of the Aboriginals was so traumatic that they were able to create from their thought forms Indigenous land curses which would affect areas as big as the average suburb.

These newly discovered forms of imprinting radiation can now be neutralized with new programming in the Geoclense, and for customers with older Geoclense, an upgrade card with the new neutralizing program is available which attaches to the back of the Geoclense.  The Geoclense is an ionic resonance tool which balances the harmful effects of electrical (EMR), radio frequency (RF or WiFi) and earth radiation.  For more information visit:





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