Mindful Astrology


Finding Peace of Mind According to Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign

Astrology is a fascinating pursuit and is also something that is addictive to the novice and all enveloping to the Astrologer as they plot star paths and set out life journeys. Fascinating and fun, as well as having a serious aspect to the art and skill of Astrology, Mindful Astrology is packed full of fascinating facts that entice you to set out on your journey of discovery, mindfully!

Seeking out what is going to happen tomorrow is something we all have indulged in at some time or other in our lives. Taking it one step further to discovering Sun Signs and what they mean can be contagious, as these somewhat mysterious somethings can and do have bearing on so much of who we are and how our life can unfold.

Astrology has been around for more the five thousand years and is an art that has been practiced by the wise as it has an ‘uncanny ability to give insight into a person’s character’, which is totally irresistible. But how does it work is where the mystery and mystique comes in and where Monte Farber and Amy Zerner have done a fantastic job, bringing this time old art into the modern forum of short attention span and quick results!

Heraclites, along with many other things, said ‘Character is destiny’, in other words who you are, how you act and react to life events as well as understanding your goals, habits, virtues and of course, vices build your character!

An excellent introduction sets the tone of the chapters to follow which look at Sun Signs, Moon Signs, Rising Signs and finally Understanding Your Celestial Trilogy which completes a comprehensive guide to all those things you always wanted to know about yourself but did not want to ask about.

Both Monte Farber and Amy Zerner are very well respected in the world of Astrology and have created a fresh, easy to understand guide to understanding how the alignment of the planets effect who we are and how we go about our daily life.

Fascinating and definitely addictive, Mindful Astrology is perfect for the beginner, the seeker and the professional Astrologer as it sets out in a clear, easy to understand style the art of Astrology and benefits of discovering who you really are!

Author                                           Monte Farber, Amy Zerner
Publisher                                       Quarto US
ISBN                                             9781631067471
Website                                         https://www.murdochbooks.com.au
Distributor                                     Murdoch Books


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