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 Anthony Grzelka’s window into heaven

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Anthony has been working as one of Australia’s top Psychic Mediums for well over a decade. Astounding people with his accuracy and changing thousands of lives with messages of hope, healing and love from the other side, he is respected for his empathetic delivery of the information he receives.

Mediumship, while often viewed as a gift, is a craft that can be honed, and experience and dedication have been instrumental in Anthony’s evolution as a Medium.


A father of three and an avid Elvis fan, Anthony was born and raised in Australia’s South West, where he still resides. Anthony spends his rare ‘down time’ on his property in the South West with his family and his ‘herd’ of dogs, including two German Shepherds, a breed he loves.

He credits his family for keeping him grounded, and for a man with one foot in each world much of the time, this is both necessary and welcomed. One might look at Anthony and mistake him for a plumber, a jackaroo or even an insurance salesman, and think, “What does this man know of heaven?” But watching Anthony engage with the world of Spirit can turn even the most hardened sceptics and allow a glimpse behind the veil that separates this world and the next.

Regularly holding demonstrations with platform readings around Perth and Australia, sell-out audiences are spellbound by his ability to connect to their loved ones in the Spirit World.

Attendees say the connections they witness are often so meaningful, the comfort is shared by those not receiving the reading. And amazingly, some of those heart-warming readings are connections made to our fur families on the other side, even extending to the odd one with scales, or feathered friends with colourful language.

Anthony’s compassionate, down-to-earth and at times hilariously quick-witted nature means patrons leave his Mediumship events usually having laughed, cried and cringed while witnessing something truly memorable and special. Many have become staunch followers, recognising that something extraordinary happens at his ‘readings’.

When concluding his demonstrations, Anthony opens the floor to questions about his work and this practice inspired the release of his first book, Medium Down Under. He wrote it to demystify specific spirit-related subjects frequently discussed at these Q & A sessions.

After the book’s runaway success, Anthony began work on his second, Life and Beyond: A Medium’s Guide to Dealing with Loss and Making Contact. It provides valuable tips for spiritual wellbeing, and how this can assist us or our loved ones in times of loss or adversity.

Life and Beyond attracted glowing reviews from James van Praagh, a world renowned Medium in the United States and Executive Producer of the hit TV series, The Ghost Whisperer. It was Anthony’s long association with van Praagh and the TV series that earned him the title Australia’s Ghost Whisperer.

Anthony’s third book, Spooked, is a chilling insight into some of the spine-tingling moments he has encountered. This book draws on his experience as a professional Medium and many of his extraordinary experiences as a ghost hunter.

Regularly conducting night tours of some of Australia’s most spooky and haunted locations, Anthony also holds séances for small groups, which are an opportunity to witness various physical attributes of Mediumship.

He has visited some of the creepiest and arguably most haunted places in the world, including Scotland, England and the US, and has conducted many ghost hunts in Australia.

His now infamous Greenough Village Ghost Hunt takes small groups through the ghost town of Greenough for a night of paranormal investigations that will stay with tour goers long after torches have been switched off and sleeping bags rolled up.


Anthony is one of only a handful of Mediums in Australia conducting séances at a professional level.

He is a bit of an advocate for breaking down the negative stigma associated with Ouija Boards, Anthony’s séances demonstrate that these can be a safe and useful tool when used responsibly with the right intent, and with an experienced Medium present. And despite what Hollywood would have us believe, it’s almost always an attendee’s family members on the other side who want to communicate their existence, just like his at ‘platform’ demonstrations.

Working for the past 18 years as a professional Medium has also allowed Anthony to become involved with many criminal investigations on behalf of law enforcement in Australia and the US. With Anthony’s growing reputation for uncanny accuracy in finding crucial clues in several very high-profile criminal investigations, he is regularly contacted to work with police and criminal investigators.

Anthony’s work in this field has often extended out to missing persons cases and although booked out for private sessions and public appearances for months in advance, he tries to offer assistance when he can with these cases.

Anthony is no stranger to work in TV either, with numerous appearances on daytime TV, including being a contestant on the top-rating Channel 7 show, The One.

Within his current project, The First Four Days in Heaven, Anthony hopes to pass on to readers the understanding that has been shared with him, based on information gathered in his many readings and communications with the other side.

After receiving frequent requests at workshops from clients who had difficulty in meditating, Anthony released two Guided Meditation CD’s. The first features a Healing Meditation, Chakra Meditation and one designed especially for the busy person on the go.

His second CD focuses on Wellness, Anxiety and Depression. Using specific ‘sound frequencies that stimulate serotonin, this CD will assist with grounding, focus and concentration, and teaches the basic foundations and benefits of meditation.


Anthony has also been contacted by a team of doctors in the US who specialize in the field of Alzheimer’s, regarding his technique of ‘Soul Talking’, in which he is able to communicate at a soul level.

He has provided hundreds of readings for families who have loved ones in these circumstances, such as coma or stroke patients, those with a severe disability, or Alzheimer’s patients.

In these readings, he gives details about the loved one’s inner world, relating what he or she may wish to say but is unable to. These moving connections must be seen to be believed. Some of his patrons have been fortunate enough to witness them at his Mediumship Demonstrations.

Next year Anthony will launch new development groups in Bunbury and Perth. Participants will hone their skills under his guidance.  Anthony’s established workshops are ongoing. He runs twice yearly tours of the Haunted Greenough Townsite in April and October and he is planning to tour the Eastern States of Australia in the new year.

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