Low Tox Life A Handbook for a Healthy You and a Happy Planet


Alexx Stuart and this book are guaranteed to become your very new best friends. Why, you may well ask? Because it is filled with the most down to earth information about making a difference, not just to the way you live your life, but to the environment and to people empowerment. You are being encouraged to make critical choices about making change, and by doing so making a serious and long term difference.

In today’s world of microscopic examination of just about everything, the constant barrage of what is and is not good for you, the environment, genetic modification, allergies, illness and so very much more, become one huge, confusing blur. For anyone who is trying to use the right products, trying to make a difference, is concerned about what they are eating or feeding their families, somewhere along the way it all becomes too hard, because what they are trying to achieve is a bar set far too high, in a world that strives for perfection.

Stuart sets out from the beginning to debunk the myth that you as single entity, cannot make a difference to your body, to your home, what you eat and most importantly to your mental health.  The reality is, you can make a huge difference by having an honest look at what you are buying, eating and wasting.

As with many changes in life, it took a health crisis to make Stuart take a look at what she was putting on her skin, eating and purchasing, as well as the personal and financial cost of ill health. Her Ah Ha moment arrived when she took a serious look at what was actually in so many of the products she was purchasing and realised that she was poisoning her system with the host of unexplained chemicals listed on the packets and containers.

Now at the forefront of the Low Tox movement she offers basic, down to earth advice on how to make the changes required and often desired; not in one massive rebirth but by slow and easily managed steps towards a cleaner healthier you, and by association, eventually a cleaner, healthier environment.

One of the most important points reiterated throughout the book is, take it one step at a time and by doing so success will be achievable. As she says, nothing is perfect and therefor, keeping the changes real is the secret to success. Start by replacing one product and move on. Make the big changes slowly and reap the rewards.

As a handbook to change there are chapters devoted to skin care, the natural and healthy way to go about looking after your skin, with suggestions and recipes to try out for scrubs, moisturisers. Remember there are great alternatives to the chemical products now in use for just about everything. Food, cookware and linen, all come under scrutiny with a host of wonderful suggestions, recipes and ideas that can and will make a difference.

‘Greenwashing’ comes under the microscope as well. In other words don’t believe everything listed on the labels, check it out for yourself. But most importantly, you can make a difference by making choices as to what you purchase. If the product is not low tox, environmentally friendly and produced ethically, simply choose one that is, as eventually the manufacturer will get the message via their bottom line.

The final chapter and perhaps the most significant is Low Tox Mind looking at the simple pleasures of life such as connection, happiness, rest, relaxation, meditation and the joy of having made beneficial changes to your lifestyle.  A word of warning is issued in the five ways not to lose your friends as you try to convince them to make healthy changes in their life without turning into a social pariah.

Approach the changes with a sense of excitement, knowing that by making simple changes you are not only enhancing your life, but also helping to make the future a far better place for generations to come.

YOU have the POWER to make serious and sustainable change; YOU are being encouraged to use it!

Title: Low Tox Life A Handbook for a Healthy You and a Happy Planet   
Author: Alexx Stuart
ISBN:  9781760631925
Publisher: Murdoch Books
Web:  www.murdochbooks.com.au

Reviewed by Jan Mawdesley Bluewolf-reviews.com


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