Lost Memory reveals Earth’s Divinity


Life-changing moment leads to higher path

 By Colleen Clay

The course of Freya Savitri Sampson’s life was changed in one empowering moment that led to the launch of Eartheart, a growing Western Australian community reaching out to the globe.

While taking a break from tertiary studies, in 1999 a ‘lost’ memory welled up into her consciousness, delivering the truth of what it is to be human.

It was a thunderbolt moment. The veil of humdrum ‘reality’ dissolved: the world revealed itself to her in its pristine divinity.

Oneness of creation

Freya recognised that if she had previously not seen this truth, then most of the rest of humanity would be in the same position: moving through life without the knowledge – and wonder – of the oneness of creation.

Such a moment is described in eastern meditation traditions as Samadhi.

Altered at depth with her new understanding, she discovered she had an ability to “facilitate healing for people and all sentient beings”. Her energy had changed.

‘A 15-year journey of learning, studying physical and meta-physical subjects with many different teachers’

Freya decided that with this knowledge and what seemed to be a new gift there was a responsibility to act with integrity in every aspect of life. For the next 15 years she went on a journey of learning, studying physical and meta-physical subjects with many different teachers.

A range of therapies were part of Freya’s education and she is qualified in several modalities of healing including: Pranic Healing; Laughter Yoga; Crystal Dreaming; Atlas Alignment; Scalar Therapy; and Ignite Your Spirit Therapy. Freya also writes and teaches workshops and training programs for self-empowerment.

With her profound perception of how all humanity, all creatures, all plant life, are linked to Earth, Freya saw a vision of her path forward. She had recognised Earth as an entity, the nurturing parent of us all; and all natural phenomena as a parent’s gifts to be honoured.

Her purpose became clear: it was to share this knowledge and facilitate the experience of that truth with her ‘brothers and sisters’ in order to awaken and unite all through actualising the shared dream in the hearts of all humanity.

 Integrity and respect

Action was the key, for Freya. While putting the therapy modalities in which she was skilled to work, she began developing the idea of a community that would accompany her in treading a path of integrity and respecting one another and the Earth.

In 2013, Freya established Earthheart, now headquartered within a building in Fremantle, Western Australia, known as the Powerhouse.

Eartheart’s guiding principles were established to honour life in all its forms.

Assistance and kindness

The foundations of these principles are to remain close to the Great Spirit, respect all living things, give assistance and kindness wherever needed, be truthful and honest at all times and take right action while being responsible for personal wellbeing: body, energy, emotion.

Within the Powerhouse, Eartheart thrives as many different modalities, events and ‘meetups’ take place, increasing the soul-nourishing energy within the building.

Freya describes herself as the custodian of Eartheart. She sees the purpose of Earthheart as reminding each of us of our magnificence, and empowering each of us of our Sovereignty’

At Eartheart, people at all levels of consciousness are able to begin or continue their journey of expansion.

“Using multidimensional tools, holistic healing modalities and empowerment education we remove that which is holding us back from our authentic self,” Freya said.

‘As humanity awakens we return to living peacefully and sustainably with Earth, nature and all sentient life’

“A mission of Eartheart is to guide us to awaken and ‘remember’ our true nature.  As humanity awakens we return to living peacefully and sustainably with Earth, nature and all sentient life.”

A place for evolving

As a school of learning, Eartheart is a place to collectively grow in empowerment. It is a place for evolving and transforming consciousness, unifying hearts and minds, connecting to a higher guidance and realigning with a higher purpose. The ultimate aim is “to transform life on Earth for the wellbeing and benefit of all life upon it”.

Aside from offering therapeutic modalities and group gatherings, Eartheart is creating awareness of and actualising mutually beneficial relations between humanity, nature, flora and fauna. Freya and volunteers offer world service such as Dreamtime Clean Up days and Empowerment training.

Eartheart is dedicated to Earth and Humanity, encouraging the living of a spirit rich life.

For further information watch this video  https://youtu.be/KnocpjqIr24  or visit   www.eartheart.com.au

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