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Eartheart – the realisation of the shared dream

Eartheart is a vehicle of transformation which brings into form the realisation of the shared dream in the hearts of humanity of prosperity, joy, love, peace and liberation for all. Re-membering a world in which humanity acts as the custodians of the Earth and all sentient life upon it. Eartheart also facilitates holistic healing, utilising a variety of modalities which are tailored to suit an individuals
uniqueness and needs. Click here to listen

The realisation of the shared dream – Part two Eartheart – Anatomy of Divinity Continue listening to Freya who is joined by her team to share the modalities, healing and passion for transformation, in the second part of Eartheart Interview. It is
Eartheart’s purpose to guide each and everyone of us to awaken and remember our true nature. As humanity awakens we return to living peacefully and sustainable with Earth, nature and all sentient life. So
be it!    Click here to listen



When you go within, you never go without
Mitch shares his journey of self discovery and life changing awareness of how to create the
change you desire. Mitch Behan & Emilia Tomeo are the faces behind MJB Seminars who are dedicated to WAKING PEOPLE UP by flicking the switch for them, instilling certainty,
educating them, inspiring them & in the process making sure all of this is an adventure and fun! Click here to listen


Healing Centre – Show your vibe – Find tribe!
Introducing Aroca Healing Centre , a space born out of love for Healing and helping . A Holistic Healing Centre with all things alternative under the one roof . Blessed to share the space with so many gifted and talented souls all trying to make a difference . Aroca is a place for you to mix and mingle with like minded souls, for you to walk on your Spiritual journey – whatever that may be . Click here to listen

Receiving all that is yours – Raise Your Consciousness 
Heather Jean is an Oracle of Sound universal spiritual teacher/healer, sound alchemist, author and speaker. She has been described as a modern-day medicine woman and earth mother to all. A clear trance channel of the sacred divine mother in all her aspects, she was gifted with the ability to open gateways to higher states of awareness and consciousness through sound, awakening others to their destiny and bringing humanity and the earth, love, healing, peace and balance. Click here to listen

It’s Not Wrong Being Who You Are 

Christopher Hughes shares his experience and upcoming workshop at The Conscious Living Expo. Right Voice For You is a workshop like no other, inviting participants to let go of their past stories and definitions of themselves, and to show up in public (and on stage) in a dynamic, present, and powerful new way. Using the tools of Access Consciousness, participants learn how to lower their barriers, receive from their audience, step into their potency, think on their feet and generally get out of their own way. This insightful and challenging interview explores that It’s Not Wrong Being Who You Are.

Click here to listen


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