The Water Revolution


Scientists in Japan built Kangen Water Ionisation Machines to “restructure water” to provide state of the art water that transforms your regular tap water into a healing elixir.  Potent water is created by passing through 8 titanium, ionized plates allowing rapid absorption, maximizing nutrition and detoxification to your bodies so you get superior cellular healing. This is fresh water containing the most potent antioxidants on the planet.

The structure of the water is created to produce the smallest molecule size, so that it penetrates into your cells and flush out toxins.  A powerful machine that pours you a glass of high alkaline water, packed with minerals and molecular hydrogen. It is the rolls royce of water. One machine that produces 5 types of water, from 2.5ph strong acidic water to 11.5ph strong alkaline water.  6,500 Drs Worldwide, families & pets, fitness & beauty, health & wellness, food preparation & cleaning,

You can see the machine and taste the water at the Kangen Water Revolution Stand 47 at the Conscious Living Expo October 25-27  Read more here

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