Journey of Life


Composed, orchestrated, and created for RipCue Music by the Enchantress of ambient music Kerani, her latest work Journey of Life showcases the wonderful range of music she creates for a wide and varied range of reasons and uses.

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Life is indeed a journey, and it is how we choose to travel the pathway that makes a difference. The music captured within the album takes a voyage through the stages of birth, challenge, grief and once again joy.

Commencing with the delicate and beautiful Lift Me Up, it is reminiscent of her previous albums with her trademark depth of sound and unlimited possibilities encapsulated within a song that seems to soar and dip over the clouds, flying through the ether in a glorious dreamscape of rich hues.

Slow, eloquent, and reflective, the solemn notes of the piano are filled out with a soft backing of ambient sound, neither here nor there, simply present as a part of the delicate Let Them Go; soothing and cognisant of feelings that are delicate, easily shattered but in need of a soothing presence.

Dreams Falling Apart follows on from Let Them Go to form a delicate two song segment of pure, soothing harmonies which in so many ways offer a gentle reflection on life’s journey; a journey made of the many joys, sorrows and challenges that are present of the pathway well-travelled.

The very gentle, soft, and elegant Witness a New Life has captured the awe on witnessing the beginning of life for a babe at birth, the unfurling of a petal on a rose, the blossom of a tree after the cold winter months, a hatchling chick, feathers still wet. A divine if somewhat slightly serious song.

Short but fascinating is Waiting for Love, a perfect piece with so many applications wherever emotion is required via the medium of music, who is waiting for love, why are they waiting, are they dreaming, ever hopeful of the perfect moment in life to come along. Dreamy and peaceful, the feeling of joy and happiness is eventually discovered in the final notes of the song; Is love found; one believes it may have been!

Catchy and more up-tempo Always on Your Side is cinematic within its range of depth and feeling, the cheerful, crisp notes of the piano enhanced with full orchestration, which allows one to travel to a favourite place to rediscover a special memory to enjoy once again.

Richness of sound, sweeping movements and a happy message have been captured perfectly in true Kerani style, to bring this wonderful collection to a close with the delightful Spread Your Wings; a significant title that represents moving on, reaching out, facing the unknown and most definitely, enjoying the moment.

Distributor                                         RipCue Music
Released                                           April 2023
Artists                                               Kerani
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Review By Janet Mawdesley


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