Jigsaw – by Kez Wickham St George


This story is about a child born in the late 1940s, about her dysfunctional family, which taught her one thing. No one cared about the bullying, it was denied, hidden deep within her home and the cult they belonged to.

At the tender age of seventeen, Cassie was married off to a Narcissistic bully. Her everyday prayer was wishing she was invisible. The shame of the immoral acts that surrounded her in this family haunted her every day. Would this life she was once forced to live be her story or would she grow into a strong woman who knew and admired her own strengths and use her skills to conquer what she called debauchery of the human spirit?

This book has taken many years to ferment and ripen into how it should be told in story form. It has taken much mulling over to face many truths about the Taboos in life. Should the lead character Cassie open Pandora’s box of her life or leave it alone, closed and buried forever? For once opened it unleashed night terrors into the daytime. 

It took skillful crafting, and many hours of work on herself to uncover deeply buried experiences that would shame those who terrorized her as a child. Once she began to piece the jigsaw together trying to leave the blame game alone, she covered it softly in a blanket of empathy, keeping only what truly mattered.

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