New Crop Circle Appears in UK


Crop circles have begun appearing in the fields again in the UK. The Second one has appeared on 22nd May in a place called Little Down, in Wiltshire where many circles commonly appear.

This one is yet another fascinating patterning. It has a mystery in the off-centre with a woven uplifted set of stalks that have been further braided with leaves.  Looks so much like someone has done that but if you look carefully then it seems to have been a complex operation to do so … who – aliens, light forces, ETs, farmers, or pranksters weaving it??  How to know?  Nobody in the Crop-Connector commentary has given any explanation. What do you think?    (see the two images).

It has 16 spikes, 5 circles (one which is central) and 8 triangles at the edges. As for the Moon -” the Little Down formation of May 22nd appeared exactly one month in Moon Calendar after April 24th formation. On April 24th the Moon was in Waning Crescent and today is Waning Crescent too. ”

Enjoy the patterns
Richard Giles

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