Conscious Businesses are the Future to Sustaining our Planet


Having introduced thousands of people in WA to natural therapies, spirituality, personal development and eco-friendly lifestyles over the past 31 years, Conscious Living’s mission is to build a vibrant community of businesses, individuals, and organizations to create a thriving new economy and culture founded on love and care for one another and our precious earth.  That’s why we are creating a new interactive live event in Perth that will support the growth of conscious businesses that are showing the way forward for healthy, environmentally sustainable ways of living in harmony and prosperity.  

We are keen to showcase new products and ventures at the Conscious Living Expo November 20-21 at the University of WA.  Take a closer look at what your business needs now to grow and realize your goals.  Asking the right questions is the first step.  

What’s working? What’s not? How can I do better?

If you want greater profits from your business, it’s important to perform regular and
specific reviews of all aspects of your business. You’ll want to know what’s working, what’s working the best, and how you can do more of that. 
You’ll want to figure out what’s not working, too, so you can determine why that
doesn’t work or how you could improve or replace your process. If neither is possible,
just stop doing that.
Finally, ask yourself the question, “How can I do better?

Are you missing out on valuable opportunities because your small business can’t
afford a fancy PR firm?

Organizations of any size can benefit from public relations, and there are many techniques that you can use on your own.

In fact, you probably engage in PR as you go about your customer service and other
daily tasks. Becoming more intentional could make you more successful in
communicating strategically, building a positive reputation, and increasing your

While PR requires time and effort, the payoff is big because it’s usually less expensive
than paid advertising and regarded more favorably. See what it can do for your

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