Clinically DEAD 45 Minutes! Chilling NDE | Vincent Tolman



In this interview with Alex Ferrari from Next Level Soul Podcast, near-death survivor, Vincent Tolman describes his extraordinary experience of being clinically dead for more than 45 minutes and waking up from a coma after 3 days.

In January 2003, Vincent Tolman was found dead in the bathroom of a small restaurant. He had been dead for over half an hour. When paramedics arrived, they put him in a body bag and took him away. A rookie paramedic had a feeling to risk his career, break all protocols, and try to resuscitate Vincent. Miraculously, he restarted Vincent’s heart, and Vincent was in a coma for three days.

He explains what it was like to die, how his consciousness lived on, and what he experienced with life after death. He reveals his insights into the afterlife and how this near-death experience changed his perspective.

Vincent Tolman is the author of The ‘Light After Death: My Journey to Heaven and Back’. Read on Amazon: Listen on Audible: Vincent Tolman’s website:

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