Experimentation is the life blood of musicians and when you are at The Tank, one of Sherry Finzer’s favourite places to work and record, with noted sound healer Karasvana, the temptation to allow the notes of the flute, bells, crystals and bowls to simply float was too much.

This experimentation has resulted in an EP length album that is perfectly delightful and absolutely ideal for a quick moment in time, when to be able to tune into music that will relax and release the pressure is required.

As the vibrations being created developed, they found that they were grounded, centred, by the angelic sounds being created; a voice filled with inspiration sent to guide them into a soundscape imbued with a rare quality found only at The Tank, which will enable healing with divine vibration.

Centered is a deeply resonant three track bath of pure bliss, that seeps into the psyche, to sooth and gentle, heal and relax and as it is only 13 minutes in length, makes it perfect for short meditation, centering and spending a moment in time indulging in simply being.


Distributor                                    Heart Dance Records
Released                                       March 2022
Artists                                          Sherry Finzer and Karasvana

Review By Janet Mawdesley

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