Ascended Master Speaks! A Powerful Timely Message from Adamus Saint Germain!


This is a must-watch interview hosted by Michael Sandler on his Inspire Nation show with Geoffrey Hoppe who channels the Ascended Master Adamus St Germain.  Adamus St Germain speaks about the massive infusion of light which is accelerating the transformation that humanity is experiencing on Earth.  He says that 2024 is a year of a new machine era for the human species, embodying AI. The human biological template has not evolved sufficiently due to ancestral karma and is too complex. In the new species of humans, the light body needs to assimilate into the human body.  By 2050, he says this planet will emerge as THE planet of realization, light, and love through the integration of energy and consciousness.

Suffering is Not Necessary – Radiate Your Quiet Light

Shine your light

let yourself be abundant and joyful.
Realize you are already enlightened and start radiating

Adamus St Germain says it is a distraction to take on causes to alleviate suffering which inevitably ends up in you becoming caught up in power and control. It is much more effective to radiate the quiet light that simply illuminates potentials, allowing the natural integration of divinity into this reality.  

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