Allergies and Food Intolerances


By Naturopath – Stuart Morick

We can become allergic to particles in the air, substances that contact our skin or food we eat.

They can cause a range of reactions and make life a misery, particularly for young children. It can all seem completely unfair – especially when all the other kids can seemingly have and do whatever they want.

Allergies are thought to be an inappropriate immune system response to substances the body normally regards as safe. Behind this may be an underlying imbalance in the body’s white blood cell production. Natural medicine attempts to establish white blood cell balance and then desensitise the body to whatever was causing the reaction. Food intolerances involve different groups of molecules in the immune system and may respond to naturopathic treatment.

 Some scientific studies have shown that keeping the balance of good bacteria in the gut at optimum levels may have a beneficial effect on reducing allergic symptoms. If you are nonreactive to foods that offer a natural source of probiotics – such as yoghurt, buttermilk, sauerkraut, dill pickles or kimchi – it may be beneficial to add them to your diet. Interestingly, an article published in the Paediatrics journal, European researchers determined that parents who suck their baby’s dummy to clean it reduce the likelihood of allergy development as the microbes in their saliva have a positive effect on the infant’s immune system.

Stuart Morick from Pure Health and Wellness Clinic is a Naturopath in Bassendean, Perth WA.

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