963 Hz Open Crown Chakra


Meditation For Oneness with all of life
 Connect To The Universe | Talk To God | Spiritual Healing Music

Welcome, Beloved Soul. This 963 Hz spiritual healing music is for crown chakra activation, meditation, relaxation, prayer, reiki, and sleep.
Allow your mind to quiet and you’ll naturally open your crown chakra and connect with your higher consciousness and the universe. While listening, connect with God/the Universe through deep inner peace, openness, and gratitude.
936 Hz represents a return to oneness and awakens you to a perfect state of being. By listening to it, you’ll be able to experience and enjoy your true nature. It’s related to the crown chakra that connects us to the entire universe.
Meditation For Oneness with all of life
While listening allow love, openness, and faith spread its roots in your heart. Become fully present with your breath and your body. With each inhale imagine a golden light penetrate the crown of your head. Allow this golden light to flow effortlessly into your entire body. Let this golden light illuminate every part of your being and heal whatever needs to be healed. Trust that you can let go. Exhale all fear, worries, and sadness. Affirm: I am Oneness unfolding like a wave in an ocean. Inhale the present moment. Exhale all tension.
Do this meditation for 21 days to experience astonishing results.

The Solfeggio frequencies make up an ancient 6-tone audio scale that is said to date back to biblical times and carry divine-like properties. In recent times, each frequency has been found to carry a specific set of healing, wellbeing and spiritual benefits that it affords the listener. These include DNA repair, relief from past traumas and opening the soul to spiritual experiences. We tune all of our music in the miracle tone, 528 Hz. This song has added 963 Hz. ? Learn more about the healing Solfeggio frequencies?Click Here
 What are prayer and meditation?
Prayer is simply the connection between a person and his or her version of a higher truth. This truth might be God, Allah, Buddha, Mother Nature, a forgiving universe; whatever the truth, everyone has one. Prayer is about connection and communication. It’s about expressing gratitude, seeking help, and processing emotions. It’s about asking and receiving so long as one believes fully in his or her heart that their request is worth asking and their truth is worth believing.
Meditation is a powerful tool for everyone no matter who you are or where you are in life. It will assist you to observe and calm the mind with clarity, seek inwards for answers & being present in the here and now. Practicing meditation will help you learn about the patterns and habits of your mind. The more you practice, the greater your ability to cultivate a more positive way of thinking and being. With consistent practice, you can deepen your ability to achieve a profoundly clear and peaceful state of mind.
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