Ethereal and immensely soothing and restful the enchanted vocals of Christel Veraart reach out offering solace, relaxation and absolute mindless rest; time away from the stress of the everyday world.

Pleiades a star cluster prominent in the night skies comes with more than just celestial origins; the group has prominence in many cultures, often known as the ‘Sisters’ or the ‘Seven Sisters’, it features large in Middle Eastern Cultures; the Tuareg Berber know the group as the ‘daughters of the night’, Greek mythology call them the ‘Seven Sisters’ with many European legends referring to the group as variations of the ’Hen and Chickens’.

Christel Veraart, a classically trained vocalist and pianist has, over her career and life travels created music of a more classical style. It is only over the past few years she has become drawn to the immensely textured world of space music; a genre that allows and openly seeks out the variation, change and difference that can be achieved by simply allowing the mind to venture into realms that seek, tease, tantalise, offering the gift of divine blessings to be discovered through the medium of sound; of music.

Pleiades is the result of allowing the soul to reach out, to ‘connect’ to the whispering to be discovered when allowing the mind to traversing the depths of space. Veraart sought out and discovered the magic of Pleiades calling to her and has used her vast background in vocal creativity to sing in ‘tongues’ recognisable to all who choose to listen, telling in a wonderfully rich and bewitching dreamscape the stories of the Seven Sisters.

Seven tracks make up this glorious work, each one dedicated to one of the ‘sisters’ filled with divine presence, mystery and mystique. Theosophy considers the ‘Seven Sisters’ focuses on the spiritual energy of  Seven Rays which, through a journey across the heavens eventually comes to us, which fits perfectly with the divine music created by Christel Veraart on Pleiades.

The Star cluster is also considered as the ‘throne of God’, or the ‘Angels from Heaven’.  Veraart’s elegant vocals, accompanied by a range of instruments softly played, certainly creates a space that is suitable for Angels to come to this earth to offer divine blessings and healing. The Stars and Heavens have guided travellers safely for centuries; Pleiades via the beautiful voice of Christel Veraart will guide and offer solace in these changing and challenging times, courtesy of the Angels.

Allow the soothing call of Pleiades to reach deep into your soul, to discover the immense and pure feeling of peace, love and joy, the feeling of burdens lifted, the turbulent mind soothed, to return feeling and knowing you have been truly blessed by the Angels.

Distributor                                                  Christel Veraart
Released                                                     November 2020
Artists                                                        Christel Veraart


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