What if They’re Wrong About Depression?


Depression? Oh, a chemical imbalance? Yes, it sure is one of the steps in the imbalance of your being, caught in a character that cares not for what your heart yearns to live.

Assumptions learned, habits formed, to be over-protective, fearful and withdrawn. Into these habits without conscious consent to be overprotective against infinitely more phantoms than threatening substance.

It is your exhaustion from being someone you are not and for the valuelessness of that way of being that causes such an extreme imbalance, made effortless by that habit to protect you from the illusionary monsters that manage to scare without a single bite. Your bite marks from yesteryear are hardly the measure of your daily threats, but not to your brain that seeks to save you from ever being bitten again!

Goal achieved; no bites.

Side effects; boredom, unfulfilled, misery and bouts of reckless attempts for an adventure that causes crashes.

“Depression is an opportunity to reinvent yourself”

Depression is a deep rest, a de-press. A desperate reprieve to contemplate why it must be this way and surely there must be a better way, than a cruel swing between boredom and danger. Such a character would make anyone weary with a desperate need for answers. Why do we get hurt from the drama, and then are pushed into creating drama? We want the love and we want the adventure, and neither are delivered on this absurd coping swing.

If you feel emotional pain, heed its message of why you are feeling that pain before you are pushed into surrendering out of engaging and into the dark abyss of disillusionment, perpetual detachment; Depression. Swimming against the gravity tide, that is focused squarely upon your heart without the surface of light in sight, often defines the experience. That was never meant to be your destiny. Yet the character hijacked your true and precious identity that creates that failing fate and lives it fully.

If you fail to honour your emotions, fail to listen to the calls to release you from the illogical points that push your worth down, your capabilities out of existence and the love of this world out of your reach, then your life force will find its resting place in your personal purgatory, its sanctuary from the torture chamber, leaving you to contemplate the sins of your self-deception.

Indeed, it is self-deception, though you fought frantically to deny that truth. It can’t be your fault; you are not mentally sick. You are not inherently flawed. You are not a fool! Yet you secretly fear that may well be what is found if you dare look. So, best to not look and hope you can drift out of this hell. The mission is painfully clear and clearly painful: find the reasons for your failings, outside of you, at all costs. Excuses and blame become your savour from the scariest monster of all; you. Failure is never an option.

If you are feeling depressed then connect with others and talk about what is arising within you – Do not be afraid  – ask for help.

An After word…

For those of you who are silently struggling, you have never been alone. The silent stealth suffering surrounds you and it’s called humanity. I have seen all types of people from young to old, rich to poor who struggle with their masks. We have our up cycles and our depressing down cycles. Some down cycles are too deep and last way too long.

Nature has a lot to teach us about the art of adapting and thriving. Like how a humble little caterpillar can withdraw into its cocoon that allow for its’ transformation.  You too can move out of the bitter and mundane everyday life of munching on green leaves and let your new attitude take you amongst the sweet nectar of loving, trusting and enjoying respectful relationships.  We are of nature and nature tells us to keep a check on our mask in case it is compromising our perception and imagination, which are key elements to adapting to a better way of being. Once we engage a mask that is compatible to our goal, the achieving of that goal becomes inevitable.

Surely we are here to feel the depth of life and not be caught up in the one worldview that quashes our worth, capability and confidence, thereby forcing us to be numbed from that painful worldview for the rest of our lives. This is why it is our depression. (Breaking Free of Depression,2015 )

(c) George Helou

George Helou is the founder of EP7 and a Life Coach based in Subiaco, dedicated to helping you establish your confidence and clarity of purpose, in every area of your life. Whether it be your business, career, sport or relationship, you will experience the alignment and motivation to act on and realise your goals. Are you ready to create lasting change? Read more –  www.ep7.com.au

George discusses with his co-host Rachel Donovan on the EP7 Podcast Channel; Why Depression is Natural.



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