What an Owl Knows


The New Science of The World’s Most Enigmatic Birds

What an Owl Knows could best be described as a work of love from Jennifer Ackerman, dedicated to an enigmatic species of bird that has evolved over millenniums, but still remains as mysterious and intriguing as it always has been.

The brilliant masters and mistresses of disguise and generally the night, have intrigued, enthralled, and fascinated humans, been given mystical standing, magical powers and wisdom. They have carried the burden of soothsayers, predicating outcomes of battles in Greece, terrifying Casca in Julius Caesar, considered as crossovers between his life and the next and as wise birds in many children’s stories.

But in reality, they are complex creatures, deadly hunters, funny, at times mischievous and are located in every country of the world, often in great numbers. Unfortunately, like many species, they too are at threat of toxins, land clearing and the ever-warming climate of today’s world.

As Ackerman points out Owls are not just Owls, they are vastly different depending on the country, climate, and location of these birds and as they tend to be reclusive, it is difficult to get any great scientific data that indicates how well they, as a Species are surviving.

It is only in recent years Owls have come in for closer scientific research, tracking back to early beginnings to try and discover exactly how long they have been evolving – from the Palaeocene epoch when it was considered as one species to the many species now discovered worldwide, the question is posed: How did this come about?

Quirky headings with intriguing pictures help break down the masses of information in What an Owl Knows, which makes fascinating reading and allows a far better understanding of these incredibly intelligent, infinitely adaptable birds.

The final chapter of What an Owl Knows calls for a louder voice in the conservation arena to help protect these beautiful creatures, as well as presenting an understanding of their development as known to date and is one everyone should consider supporting in whatever manner possible.

Not a light read, but equally a fascinating read, anyone with an interest in Ornithology, wildlife or birds, in general, will really enjoy this journey of love and reverence of these fascinating, whimsical and enchanting Owls of the world.

Author             Jennifer Ackerman
Publisher         Scribe Publications
ISBN               9780593298886
Website           https://scribepublications.com.au/books

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Review By Janet Mawdesley



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