Western Wildflower Gardens – Workshops – January 2020


Participate in Growing Beautiful Native Flowers in 2020

 Sue and Hazel Dempster will introduce gardening with WA’s beautiful wildflowers and how you can get your garden started successfully. Together they share the successful foundations of gardening with wildflowers.

Even if your garden is not ready or you are thinking about changing your garden or lawn to a native garden, come and join us so you are clear that it is what want to do. Sue and Hazel are open to all questions. What you will have after two hours is the understanding of what it is like to start, grow and nurture a wildflower garden, the clarity of the myths of native plants, and all of your questions answered on beginning your wildflower garden.

Sue and Hazel share their expertise and experience in gardens and landscapes. With three generations of WA plant knowledge and passion for colourful wildflowers and gardening there is lots of fun and laughter tobe had so everything is not seen as a garden chore. For you to have success right from the beginning with your native or wildflower garden then this workshop is a MUST.

For more questions, Sue can be contacted through 0427477090 or via email – [email protected].


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Introduction to Seasonal Propagating with Annuals and PerennialsIntroduction to Seasonal Propagating with Annuals and Perennials


All located at 141 King Road Oakford at Australian Native Nursery.

Website : westernwildflowergardens.com.au

Contact details: Sue Dempster 0427477090. Email
[email protected]


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