We Pay Tribute to the Remarkable Legacy of Dr Sherrill Sellman ND


We celebrate the life and legacy of Dr Sherrill Sellman, a beacon of wisdom and inspiration in life.

Sherrill was an advocate for women’s health and was dedicated to empowerment and holistic healing. Through her renowned interviews on her podcast channels, “What Women Must Know” and “The Love Code,” and her books, notably, “Hormone Heresy”, Sherrill touched the lives of countless individuals, sharing invaluable knowledge and insights through hundreds of interviews with leaders in various fields.

Sherrill Sellman’s contributions spanned a lifetime, with an unwavering positive mindset and an insatiable curiosity. She approached life with openness, exploring all possibilities for personal growth and transformation, never settling for superficial solutions. Her vibrant spirit and relentless pursuit of truth touched the lives of countless individuals. She believed in the innate power within each person to make positive changes and create lasting transformation. Through her work, she ignited a spark within others, inspiring them to reclaim their health and transform their lives.

May her spirit and wisdom shared live on as we carry forward her mission of empowering individuals to embrace their inner wisdom on their life journey.

So grateful for the friendship shared over decades and the memories.

Patricia and Jacquie

Here are the links to her podcast sites.
Love Code Podcasts
What Women Must Know Podcasts


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