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Tom Cronin and Jacqui Fifer, the authors of The Portal, and their team are seeking to reach as many people as they can and have decided to make the movie free for everyone. Please share this page with your friends and family.  You can join in the community discussion in the Facebook group if you are interested in joining Tom and his team in bringing change to the world.


The Portal brings to life the stories of six people who’ve overcome adversity and crisis, inspiring the audience to follow in their footsteps and realise the unique potential that all humans have to change our world–from the inside out.

Revealing a centuries-old road map to human transformation, this life-affirming book and documentary take us through the portal behind our minds to what we need to live and thrive today.



The Movie

THE PORTAL – The Movie, is an immersive, cinematic experience of transformation on a personal scale, with global implications that follow six people (and a robot) who transform their own lives, providing inspiration—and a toolkit for change. The film is richly visual and sonically powerful, breaking ground with its use of binaural beats in an already evocative score as it takes the viewer on their own mindfulness journey.

Tom asks the question: Is an enlightened planet possible? 

THE PORTAL opens hearts and minds to an exciting vision for humanity, transformed. The film is a powerful showcase of the unique potential our species has if we take time for stillness—proving we can change our world from the inside out.

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“A beautiful and very important movie which took us on a journey from the head to the heart.”
– Maik Burghardt, Cosmic Cine

An Interview To Enlighten You!

We have a very special discussion for you to listen to today that you will find very enlightening and inspiring, hopefully giving you hope for what’s on the horizon for humanity.

Director of The Portal, Jacqui Fifer and Producer Tom Cronin were interviewed on ABC Radio National by Lynne Malcolm in what has become a much-loved discussion. In one extract, Tom says:

“When we start meditating we start transcending the current status quo that’s inside our programmed head. We are very deeply conditioned and programmed to think in a particular way. When you start meditating you start questioning some of those programs and you start breaking free of that structure that’s being on a constant loop inside your head and the collective head of society’s minds. And that’s where we are going to start seeing systems change, once the collective starts changing their minds individually.”

Some of this discussion will expand your mind! So sit back with a Rooibos tea and dive into this by clicking the button below.

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An invitation to join our Portal Community.

Which is a group of meditators, yogis, and conscious individuals from around the world, who are part of The Portal Experience and share a passion for the vision of The Portal.

You can go here to join The Portal Community


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