UFOs, near-death experiences, and Kundalini awakenings – Bob Davis Phd.


700: Interview with Rick Archer and Bob Davis Phd. recorded February 3, 2024.

Bob Davis, PhD, is a former professor of sensory neuroscience and an author of books on extraordinary human experiences such as UFOs, near-death experiences, and Kundalini awakenings.

The main topics discussed in the interview are:

  • Bob’s personal experiences of seeing a UFO, having a shared death experience, and undergoing a Kundalini awakening, and how they changed his worldview and inspired his research and writing.
  • The need for a paradigm shift in scientific understanding to account for the anomalies and evidence that contradict the materialistic and reductionistic view of reality and consciousness.
  • The integration of science and spirituality as complementary approaches to exploring the nature of reality and the self, and the benefits of such integration for personal and social transformation.
  • The rationale and content of Bob’s current book and film project, The Consciousness Connection, which aims to inform, educate, and provide hope to the public about the validity and implications of extraordinary human experiences.

About Bob

After receiving his doctorate in the sensory neurosciences from The Ohio State University, Bob Davis, Ph.D., served as a professor for the State University of New York for over thirty years, where he conducted research in the behavioural and neurosensory sciences, taught, and held many high-level administrative roles.

He published his research in over 60 articles in scholarly journals, and presented numerous lectures worldwide, which included invited lectures at Harvard, Cambridge, and Peking University. Bob was also awarded numerous grants by the National Science Foundation and The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health to conduct research in sensory neuroscience.

Following retirement, Bob published several articles in the Journal of Scientific Exploration and Edge Science and presented lectures at national and international conferences on consciousness, spiritually transformative experiences, and unidentified aerial phenomena. Bob has also published three highly popular books:

More recently, he has turned his recent book, Unseen Forces, into a planned documentary entitled – The Consciousness Connection – with Emmy Award winner Dave Beaty of Dreamtime Entertainment and Wilson Hawthorne of Eyeland Telemedia.

Summary and Transcript of this interview

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Interview recorded February 3, 2024.

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