DNA Memories with Sylvia Marina

This intensive four day training includes Transforming DNA Memories in Theta & Delta, Kinesiology Techniques, NLP Skills, Real Live Case Studies – add these skills to your current practice or for the beginner commencing a new career.
When you enroll in Transforming DNA Memories, you are making a commitment to work on your life.
Many have spent years learning how to be ‘something’, a teacher, engineer, nurse… most spend very little time learning how to be your very own authentic self. 

Transforming DNA Memories is the nexus point between your memories and misunderstandings of the past and your intelligent healing processes of the future.

Anyone on a healing journey is welcome to attend.

Stop repeating patterns that bring frustration and anger, and feelings of inadequacy and disappointment.
Stop trying to please other people.
Stop that feeling of knowing there is more purpose in this life for you – discover and connect to your purpose.
With the skills you learn in Transforming DNA Memories you can trace the foundation of frustrations and change your life.

 ▪  Clear generations of negative memory.

 ▪  Access your ancestral memory, intellect & knowledge.

 ▪  Stop bad habits.

This four-day hands-on workshop with Creative Director Sylvia Marina, gives you the opportunity to access all your intelligences, develop new skills and positively direct your life to creating and maintaining prosperity, inner peace and joy.

Health Practitioners, learn these multidimensional wisdoms – at the completion of the 4 day workshop you will be equip and ready to offer this methodology to your clients.

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