Surrender and Accept


Surrender and Accept in Relationships

Lately, I’ve found myself engaging in conversations with clients about the importance of surrendering old patterns and beliefs tied to perfection. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to prove ourselves to our families, colleagues, or friends. The question that often arises is, if we stop over-giving and over-delivering, will they still love us?

This old pattern often stems from our need for love and acceptance, originating from childhood dynamics with parents or siblings. The stories we tell ourselves about what constitutes love and acceptance can differ vastly from what our parents or loved ones are attempting to convey. In many cases, while we strive to be perfect to gain approval, our parents might simply be trying to express their unconditional love in their own way. Sometimes, we seek acceptance from emotionally unavailable parents, adding another layer of complexity.

In these scenarios, the key is to SURRENDER and ACCEPT. When we resist the natural flow of the universe, it often creates situations that feel like disasters, nudging us to realign our beliefs. By surrendering and letting go of the need for perfection, we can still demonstrate leadership, growth, and high performance at work—minus the emotional baggage.

So, reflect on your need for perfection. Is it tied to a quest for love? Reach out to the person you are trying to please and explore whether their love language aligns with your perception. Understanding this can transform your relationships and help release the burden of striving for an unattainable standard

If you are ready to dive deeper into this journey of self-discovery and transformation? Schedule a free chat with me today to explore how you can surrender and accept while maintaining leadership and growth in your life.

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