Gerald Krampl has a biography that spans many years, wrapped around his love for music and the magic, peace and healing that can be created for a moment or longer in time, which brings with it many emotions, visions, and concepts.

His latest work Storybook has been created from stories in his own mind that span a wide range of topics and it is his wish, as the music comes into existence, to also form stories in the mind of the listener that are filled with charm and enjoyment.

Should you enjoy reading the titles of the tracks as they are played, they may offer a hint of Krampl’s storyline or lead to the creation of your own storybook. Alternatively, simply let the music flow and enjoy the simple, elegant beauty of solo piano in the neo-classical /new age style.

The Falcon of Chastelain is an interesting and slightly thoughtful piece that acts as the first story, which is perhaps based on Châtelaine de Vergi, an anonymously written short 13th century romance of courtly love in Old French reminiscent of Knights in shining armour and their beloved, or something entirely different, such is the enticement of creating your own Storybook.

Thoughtful once again, is Caves Gold, but also couched in a little mystery and awe as felt when exploring the wonder of underground caves; places that have kept their beauty and secrets for many long years.

A four-part piece God’s Spell, set out in Acts, allows a journey to be undertaken into whatever realm chosen; Tempest, a strong, determined piece representing a storm breaking all about, Relief, gentle and peaceful after the majesty of the storm is beautifully portrayed; Resumption positively dances off the keyboard before Prostration offers thanks for a safe delivery and homecoming.

Pearlfisher is representative of a previous work, thus titled and is also one of solo piano. Moving further into the work is the quirky piece Hail to the King of Fools, which offers the imagination unlimited scope, particularly in theses trying times, followed by the final piece Comes A Time Thereafter, a piece full of happiness and sunshine, almost a waltz which is pure pleasure and romance, captured in sunlight and joy.

Storybook is a delightful, romantic, and elegant solo piano compilation that tells a story, Gerald Krampl’s and yours. Perfect.

Distributor      Gerald Krampl
Released         2020
Artists          Gerald Krampl



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