Reduce Plastic with Reusable Storage Bags


​Welcome to Twiggy Willow, a company born from an intense love of the Earth and a determination to offer high-quality products that are environmentally friendly and useful. ​

Twiggy Willow’s  Saver Seal Reusable Storage Bags have a double ziplock closure which ensures an airtight and leak-proof seal. The reusable bags are perfect for meal prep, food storage, etc. They are freezer safe and keep food fresher for longer. They come in various handy sizes and they have created an extra-large size specifically to hold pastry sheets (No more dry edges with freezer burn!).

Saver Seal Reusable Storage, Sandwich and Snack bags are an environmentally sustainable way to store food and save on plastic waste.  

NON TOXIC and ODOUR RESISTANT They are fully biodegradable, recyclable and contain none of the hidden nasties: BPA, PVA, lead and chlorine. They are made from tough and flexible PEVA material which can be reused again and again.  They are also perfect for makeup, toiletries, travel accessories etc.

REDUCE YOUR FOOTPRINT ON THE EARTH Saver Seal bags are in essence ‘Save a Seal’ bags. The seal logo is a reminder that you’re playing your part in ensuring cleaner oceans and ultimately a brighter future. Remember, less plastic is fantastic. It’s time to take disposable sandwich bags off your shopping list. If we all take it upon ourselves to be the caretakers of our beautiful world and make a few fundamental changes, then we can save our Earth.

Twiggy Willow will be at the Conscious Living Expo November 20-21 at the University of WA  . Read more

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