Breakthroughs in Bioenergetic Medicine

This new frequency technology can analyse what it is that is affecting the imbalance of your bioenergetic field whether health issues, emotional issues, or spiritual issues. Healy Quantum Resonance Therapy has the capacity to analyse and balance anyone’s aura and vibrate the preferred frequencies to harmonize their field for optimal wellbeing. It even works with animals and buildings.

Over 120 Frequency Programs to Balance the Bio-Energetic Field

This technology utilizes 144,000 healing frequencies to address all known imbalances in the body, in emotions, and in thoughts. Even more amazing, it is able to bring whatever is out of balance in your body that is contributing to pain, insomnia, weakened immunity, toxicity, migraines, hormone imbalances, weight gain, and much more, back into balance.

Spirituality merged with cutting-edge science and technology

Created by Marcus Schmieke in collaboration with renowned Portuguese Health Practitioner, Nuno Nina, the Healy is a miniature version of the Time Waver frequency technology which has been used in Europe for the past 5 years to treat thousands of patients.

There are frequencies for Detoxing, Relaxation, Sleep, Energy, Beauty, Skin, Learning, Protection, Fitness, Mental Balance, Pain, Chakras, Balance, Meridians, Bioenergetic Boost and Coherence. These programs are delivered to the body either by microcurrent using wrist bands or patches or by vibration into the information field.

The Quantum Sensor 

Frequency therapy is not new and there are a number of different frequency units on the market. These devices are very focused on the physical body and sometimes the next energetic layer which is the meridians. (The physical and etheric level). Healy works differently to other frequency devices and the way it does this is ground-breaking. The primary difference of Healy to other devices is it contains a quantum sensor. 

The body can be thought of as a big hard drive that sends and receives information. Each of the different levels of our energetic field holds this information. Healy’s quantum sensor can access this data. It picks up signals and then analyses the information. The information is either coherent ( in alignment with our higher health( or it is not coherent(not in alignment with our higher health).

When we tap into the information field that influences everything we are working at the root causation, not with the symptoms.

Digital Frequencies for Plant Medicine and Bach Flower Remedies
• Digital Nutrition Mixtures
• Bach Flower Remedies
• Materia Medica
• Amino Acids
• I-Ching
• Schuessler Salts
• Australian Bush Flowers
• Alaskan Gem Elixirs.

You can even record the frequencies of substances like crystals or music and vibrate these into your energy field!

This frequency technology is being hailed by professional clinicians and research scientists as the future of medicine. It is being used by thousands of people around the world to fortify and enhance health and wellbeing. The applications are unlimited for health, wellbeing, spirituality & consciousness. Learn More
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