No more bad Smells thanks to Bamboo Charcoal Eco Bags


You do not need to put up with toxic and unpleasant odours anymore.

Bamboo Charcoal Eco Bags Charcoal can help get rid of that nasty smell of damp in cupboards; pet odours in carpet and other offensive odours that linger in your home – laundry, wardrobe, and the car.

How it works

Bamboo charcoal Eco Packs absorb moisture and toxic odours helping to help purify the air. As air passes through the pores in the charcoal, odour, allergens and bacterial particles in the air are trapped on the surface, which in turn purifies the air. And they are odourless. The genius of the Bamboo Charcoal Pack is that it removes the toxic substances the cause the odour – unlike most air fresheners that overlay another smell on top of the offensive smell.                                                    

The Charcoal packs come in different sizes and can be used to rid almost any unwanted odours – even stinky foot odours in sneakers … it is amazing what these packs absorb. To keep the charcoal pack active, they just need to be left in the sun occasionally to allow it to disperse the moisture and residues they have absorbed. The packs come in two sizes – 20cm and 15cm. There are no chemicals, and they are nontoxic and fragrance-free. Absorbed gases will disperse, ready for re-use of up to two years.

“We had an issue with damp in our linen closet and the smell was always present in anything stored in the cupboard. After placing the eco charcoal pack in the back of the shelving we found a remarkable difference and the odour disappeared.  – Truly amazing” … Patricia Hamilton

For more information go to or Call Rob and Diane on 0417913869

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